Healthy Delivery (HD) is the brainchild of a university student who love healthy food and high-quality products. HD aims to make available to the general public both nationally and abroad the offer of excellent products, mainly Made in Italy, hardly available through traditional sales channels. The service offered by HD is enhanced by the fact that the products offered are usually chosen with the technical and scientific support of specialists as doctors, researchers, dermatologists, chefs, sommeliers and artisans specialised in their specific fields.


HD is a virtual store in which customers can find and fulfill their needs, relying on the opinion of experts and specialists who certify the products and verify their origin and quality.
A “safe harbour” to find the highest quality, combining health, taste and style.
HD is the e-commerce platform that offers the opportunity to buy from anywhere and at any time with a simple click a variety of sophisticated and selected products, expression of skilled craftsmen and “niche producers”, accurately preserving their quality.


Sensitivity to people’s health, love for our planet and care for taste and beauty.
We offer quality products with a structure that exceeds the concept of the physical point of sale with the aim of reducing as much as possible any waste and impact on the environment, through the use of the latest technologies that provide an effective, efficient and ecological service as well as the access to the high quality and exclusivity offered by HD.